Monoyer Illuminated Chart 3 m

Monoyer Illuminated Chart 3 m

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  • Chassis: body composed of oven-fired epoxy powder coated aluminium sections with nylon junctions

  • Light Source: straight daylight fluorescent tubes 18W

  • Diffusing Panel: acrylic sheet of 3 mm thickness

  • Power Supply: 230V; 50/60 Hz

  • Switch: ON/OFF bipolar switch with two pole fused plug.

  • Cable: electric cable made of preinsulated terminals in self extinguishing PVC

  • Components: all components UL - DVE - IMQ approved. All optotypes correspond to EC regulations.

  • The device complies with the essential requirements of the Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/CE and with the essential requirements of the Electro Magnegtic Compatibility 2004/108/CE. It complies with Directive 2007/47/CE as a Medical Device Class 1.